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Increase customer loyalty and revenues with your own branded mobile web applications

Mobile Ordering

Increase customer loyalty and revenues with your own branded mobile web applications.

Have your customers place orders directly from your perfectly mobile-optimized website, without any hidden fees or commissions.

Orderom, we offer beautiful, easy-to-use web applications that put your business directly in your customer’s pocket. Orderom makes ordering and re-ordering as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Orderom is optimized and customized to maximize your revenue! The easier the online ordering process, the more food orders you’ll get.

Take orders through your own branded website

Web Order

Orderom order websites are designed to maximize conversion, increase average order size, and keep your customers coming back.

No site? It’s no problem.

Whether you’re just setting up in business or escaping from the aggregators, with orderom you’ll have your own branded order website in minutes.

Orderom is not just an order website. Your number one sales channel.

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Orderom is optimized and customized to maximize your revenue!

45% of customers say that they ordered food more often and directly from the restaurant if the restaurant offers the option of ordering online on their website or mobile application.

Quick Management Panel

Knowledge is power, with Orderom we offer a powerful management panel about customers, orders, and your restaurant.
Analyzing your sales, retaining new customers, or organizing new campaigns is now very very easy.
We offer the power of data with our fast management panel.

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Order Management

Manage orders easily. Yes, we know you want this. Orderom offers tools to easily track and quickly manage incoming orders. Orderom gives you more information than any other online ordering system.
Easily deliver your orders while having much more information about your customers and their orders, saving both time and costs.

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Are you ready for a great kitchen display system?
Manage orders from anywhere in one place. Orderom displays the relevant orders in the relevant kitchens and sends the orders to the relevant kitchen printers.

The hot kitchen deals only with its orders, while the cold kitchen sees its orders. It also offers you a cost-effective solution with the CloudPrinter feature, which does not bring additional costs.

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Menu Management

Make it easy for customers to find the best product based on “popular”, or “favorite”.
Orderom provides menu management that you can change quite easily and quickly. Your food images or descriptions can be easily managed from one place.
You can easily create single products or menu combinations, assign ingredients, portions, display times, and different prices. You can quickly organize campaigns.

Customer Profiles – CRM

Build your customer database with Orderom
Unlike aggregators or marketplaces, Orderom will never get between you and your customer.
We make sure that you have customer details available directly in the Orderom portal.
Check contact details, customer value, order frequency, and a whole host of data – quickly and easily.
Improve customer satisfaction by hearing from them. You can get instant actions with instant feedback notifications from your customers.


Orderom provides detailed information about the online sales performance of your restaurant.
Instant sales reports, most valuable customers, most sold products, peak order hours, total revenues… much more are quickly presented to you with Orderom reports.

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QR Code Ordering
Make ordering quick and safe with Restolabs QR Scan Ordering that allows your customers to browse the menu and place orders from their mobile phones.
Custom Branded Ordering
Easy customizations options that allow you to give your ordering site a personality and unique attributes that your customers can resonate with.
Multilingual Front-end
Expand your reach and connect with a much wider audience by offering your customers the freedom to interact with your brand in their native language.
Device Responsive Ordering
Works great across all mobile OS, phones, and tablets, providing a mobile responsive solution, so your customers can order from anywhere
Simple to Use Menu Configuration Dashboard
Quickly add, modify, and delete menu items in real-time.
Order Throttle
Set predefined parameters for the system to go offline and stop taking orders for a certain duration. Once the duration passes, the system automatically starts accepting orders.